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  AccessPoint Solutions, Inc. School Solutions to Meet Your Needs  

AccessPoint Solutions, Inc. (APSI) works with schools in N.J., N.Y. and P.A. on affordable solutions.

Services that we can provide to you include:

Information Technology Assessment Solutions - Assessment of your existing and future uses of Information Technology (IT) (both hardware and software).  APSI will meet with key staff to assess current and future uses of IT for communication, data management, and technology integration.  Following the assessment APSI will provide a written plan with incremental steps for achieving school or district wide goals. This is a necessary step in applying for the E-Rate.

Technical Support Solutions - APSI offers both hourly and contractual experienced technology support on hardware, software, networking and technology integration issues.

Networking Solutions- APSI is skilled at offering affordable, cost saving, alternatives for Internet access. Additionally, APSI can plan and install Local Area Networks (LANs) to increase efficiency and reduce cost.  We can also assist in applying for the E-Rate.

Off-Site Solutions - APSI offers a full range of off-site alternatives to expensive servers.  APSI can host your school or districts Intranet and Internet needs including email, calendaring, resource scheduling, group conferences and websites.

Communication/Collaboration Solutions- APSI is an authorized FirstClass Channel PartnerFirstClass 11.0 is a feature -rich, affordable, and secure solution for your school intranet/internet.  FirstClass offers a powerful and scalable communication solution that provides email, calendering, shared contacts, websites, and group collaboration all on one server and all for one price. With over 10 years experience with using and administering FirstClass, APSI offers planning, upgrade, installation, license sales and ongoing administration support.

Accessibility Solutions- APSI is skilled at utilizing technology to assist individuals with disabilities participation in a broad spectrum of activities.  The staff of APSI are leaders in the field of assistive technology applications.  Let us assist you in making your programs, services and jobs accessible to everyone.

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